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Privacy disclaimer



We, LLC “KULK”, are committed to protect and respect your privacy.

This Privacy Disclaimer explains, how LLC “KULK” processes personal data. It refers to services offered by LLC “KULK”.


By using our services, you agree, that this Privacy Disclaimer is binding upon you.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Disclaimer, please contact our support service by sending a message to info@kulk.lv.


1. Data Controller

1.1 The Data Controller is LLC “KULK”, address: Dobeles motorway 34, Jelgava, LV-3007, phone 63021420, e-mail address: info@kulk.lv.


2. Purpose and legal basis of data processing

2.1 Administration of the loyalty programme and processing of data of partners, customer and suppliers.

2.2 This Privacy Disclaimer is applied for ensuring protection of personal data of customers of LLC “KULK”.

2.3 This Privacy Disclaimer applies to data processing disregarding the form or environment the Data Subject provides its personal data.

2.4 The Data Controller uses personal data of the Data Subject only and solely for the purpose specified in paragraph 2.1., except the cases, when information on the Data Subjects has to be provided to state or law enforcement institutions according to requirements of regulatory enactments.

2.5 The legal basis of data processing is article 6, part 1, subparagraphs a), c) and f) of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation)


3. How personal data is obtained for the first time

3.1 We collect your personal data, while you are using services offered by our loyalty programme, during the first-time completion of application form, or obtaining personal data directly from partners, customers, suppliers;

3.2 We draw your attention to the fact, that you are responsible for provision of precise personal data to LLC “KULK”, and also you are obliged to rectify the inaccurate personal data in the case of any changes of your data, informing LLC “KULK” about such changes.


4. Data obtained on natural persons

4.1 For the loyalty programme: name, surname, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, phone number;

4.2 For partners, customers, suppliers: name, surname, personal identity number, bank account number, phone number;

4.3 For the video surveillance system: visual image of natural person.


5. Recipients of personal data

5.1 Your personal data may be transferred to institutions pursuant to the procedure stipulated by regulatory enactments;

5.2 Personal data is not transferred to the third world countries.


6. Storage and destruction of personal data

6.1 Personal data submitted for the loyalty programme is processed until the moment, when you revoke your consent for further processing of your personal data.

6.2 Data, which is processed based on a legal obligation, is stored for periods stipulated by regulatory enactments.

6.3 You are entitled according to the general procedure to request deletion of data submitted within the framework of the loyalty programme at any moment and LLC “KULK” is obliged to delete this data from all information systems.


7. Rights of the Data Subject

7.1 You have certain legal rights concerning processing of your personal data. Such rights include:

7.1.1 The right to be informed about how your personal data is used.

7.1.2 The right to access own personal data.

7.1.3 The right to specify, if your personal data is incorrect.

7.1.4 The right to delete your personal data.

7.1.5 The right to restrict processing of your personal data.

7.1.6 The right to data portability.

7.1.7 The right to object to how your personal data is used in relation to automated decision-making and profiling.

7.2. If you hold a view, that your personal data is mishandled or you have objections concerning how your personal data is processed, you are entitled to submit a complaint.

7.3. You may submit a complaint to the Data State Inspectorate, describing, how, in your opinion, data processing carried out by LLC “KULK” has infringed your rights.


8. Profiling

8.1. Profiling is any type of automated processing of personal data in order to analyse or predict your behaviour. We do not do it.


9. Ensuring of data security

9.1 To guarantee security of obtained information, LLC “KULK” has introduced electronic, physical and administrative safety measures. Your data is stored safely. The data is protected against unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or destruction of data by any organizations or private persons.